5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner App Reviews

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There is no feed in France??? Bad luck!!!

It is a réal companion

It is a real companion every where, get in touch, share with other Something new.


Its very good for me since my accident and now I feel so good to stay with the firefighter thanks all


Bien, mais léger en français. Bons feeds canadiens.

Very goods american s feeds


Jaime I like

Une application très utile et formidable . An application very useful , And wonderful, i like it . ATORAYA Bet Dodo

Not half bad

App is quite alright. The bonus sections should have an alphabetical order which would make a lot easier to find stuff. Please improve on the stability - the app sometimes just freezes.

Interesting but buggy

Lots of information, but App freezes too often!

Very Cool

I Love it.

More German locations missing

Really nice App, some German EMS or Police radio feeds would be a smart and warmly welcomed improvement


Very nice App....

Plain and simple: awesome app!

This app is just absolutely fantastic! Its working just like I hoped it would!

Why read the news when you can hear it happen?

Always use this app when there is a big news story and fascinating to hear the event unfold in real time...

5.0 radio Pro awesome app !

I think 5.0 radio pro is the best scanner app to date ! I listen to my own police feed at work all the time using this app. Background mode works great ! Thanks for all the work that was put into this app

Airport feeds

No airport feeds for ottawa Ontario

Waterloo Region, ON

Two words, Excel lent!

Great app

Cool scanner app. Is a little unstable. Shuts down sometime by itself

Needs Perth county opp

Works great. Only problem is north Perth and Perth county o.p.p are not on here...

The 5-0 radio

Its a waste of money , the channel want down

Chiefs View

Excellent App, clear & fun to listen to, paid version gets rid of annoying Ads, great way to stay on top of unfolding Events

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